MAC Raya Open House Had A Retro Theme


dsc_5835A few nights ago, MAC Cosmetics Malaysia held their Raya Open House at Metal Bees Production House with a retro theme “Nostalgia Raya”. It was a free and easy event where guests could participate in various activities such as getting old school snacks and tidbits from Kedai Runcit Candy Yum Yum or have a look at old cassettes at Kedai Muzik Viva Glam.

There was a “stall” offering face/palm reading, another where guests could make their own terrarium, pose for selfies at an old style barber shop or get paper cutting done with their names on it. There was also a hopscotch which reminded me of my primary school days when my friends and I would be hopping everyday.

dsc_5871dsc_5870dsc_5842dsc_5877dsc_5878As for dinner, we could partake of a buffet spread at an old school canteen/café. All fits in with the nostalgic theme. However the music was all 80s which wasn’t that old school but it is my kind of music so no complaints there.

dsc_5854dsc_5865dsc_5861dsc_5856dsc_5849dsc_5847It was a nice event where guests could walk around at leisure or sit down with fellow guests for a chat and a nice dinner.