MAC Objects Of Affection Pigments + Glitter



The first products to sell out from MAC’s extensive Holiday Collection were the pigments + glitter sets and this can be said of almost every MAC outlet as they came in such limited quantities, e.g. 3 of each set at MAC MidValley and 6 of each set at MAC Pavilion. By the time I got to MAC MidValley at 11.30a.m. on Saturday, the gold + beige set was sold out. None of the outlets provided testers for these sets since they were selling so well.


Silver + blue set


Pink + rose set


Gold + beige set

On Sunday, I suddenly thought of checking with MAC Isetan Lot 10 to see whether they had the gold + beige set. My intention was just to go and take a photo of it but after gazing at it for a few seconds, I became somewhat mesmerized and decided to get it. After all, only 1 set of each came to that counter and if I didn’t get it, I might spend the whole of this week regretting it.

Each set retails at RM149.


  1. As of today, 5/11/2014, these mini pigment + glitter sets are also all sold out online on MAC Malaysia’s website apart from the Bronze set. The Bronze set is still available if anyone is interested!