MAC Magic Of The Night Collection : Q & A With Haritha Shan



MAC Magic Of The Night Collection is all about enchanted evenings, smoky eyes are easily achieved with the new Colourdrenched Pigments, an innovative pressed pigment which feels creamy. The lipsticks are beautiful and mainly matte in texture. I sat down with MAC Senior Artist, Haritha Shan to chat about this latest collection.


What’s the general colour theme?

Teal, turquoise, royal blue, purple. These are the favourite colours of the season. Textures are metallic rather than matte. They reflect MAC Autumn/Winter 2015 trends.

Is the emphasis more on eyes than lips?

Yes, the focus is on eye makeup. There’ll also be a lot of eye makeup for next season, going back to the 80s. The last few seasons focused on lips.

Please describe the Colourdrenched Pigments. How are they different from Pressed Pigments and Dazzle Shadows?

The Pressed Pigments formula is more shimmery, you can feel the pigment follicles when you press them. With the Colourdrenched Pigments, you can’t feel the pigment follicles when you press the surface. The blending effect is easier with Colourdrenched Pigments. Pressed Pigments are more powdery. Use a tapered brush like 239 or a synthetic brush like 195 to blend Colourdrenched Pigments. Pigments are a form of glitter shadows which have been crushed.

How would you advise those who may be a bit wary of using dark shades for eyes?

Greys, blues and purples are the current trend, people are beginning to love intensity.

haritha shan

What are your recommendations from MAC Magic Of The Night Collection?

Get an eye pencil and Colourdrenched Pigment. Use an eye pencil and then Colourdrenched Pigment over it. For this purpose, you can use 217, 239 or 213 brush.

What does the theme “Magic Of The Night” evoke in you?

“Magic” + “Night” = enchanted. Christmas is all about magic, good music like jazz. This season, it’s all about being sleek and enchanting with hues of teal and violet. If you’ve watched the movie “The Frog and The Prince”, the magician wears purple. There’s something magical about purples and royal blues.