L’oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care


The downside of reviewing professional grade hair products is that it can make a serious dent to my savings because after having used these products, I can see the difference in my hair. When I use drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners, I experience quite a bit of fall-out during the shampoo/conditioner but with salon products such as those from L’oreal Professionnel, hair fall-out has been minimal. After using salon hair products, I feel like I never want to go back to drugstore brands again.

X-tenso® care Straight consists of 3 products – shampoo, serum and cream. The cream is not available for sale except to salons as it’s intended for salon-use only, to be used during the straightening process. It was used when I went to Albert Nico for the Steampod straightening.

There is no conditioner in this range and I can see why. When I used the shampoo, there was so little hair fall-out and my hair wasn’t a tangled mess. There wasn’t any need for a conditioner. Then when I applied the serum after I’d toweled dry my hair, it was as if conditioner had been applied already. My hair felt soft and could be combed easily. The shampoo together with the serum keep my hair straight, frizz-free and glossy till the next shampoo.

The products in this range replenish keratin to hair which can be lost via exposure to UV rays, for instance. Our hair has to have enough keratin proteins so that they can repair damaged cuticles. Keratin straightening treatments are all the rage in the West now. It can transform unruly hair into smooth, silky, manageable tresses.

L’oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight shampoo & serum are available at L’oreal Professionnel hair salons nationwide.

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