L’oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Launch



If only we could change our hair colour as frequently as we change our lipstick shades but frequent colour changes may dry out our hair and lead to damaged hair. However, you just might be able to do so if you use the right hair colour and products to protect hair from damage.

From what I see, women are more experimental with their hair colours nowadays with many of us brunettes going blond or even green. I wish I had that kind of courage to push the boundaries. One thing is for sure, women are more bold and daring in their choice of hair colours compared to just a few years ago.



Reds, coppers, intense browns, nude hues and violets have become acceptable and popular hair colours. L’oreal Paris introduced their latest range of hair colours called Excellence Fashion which are for the woman who wants to stand out with rich, intense hair colour and promises to keep hair shiny and nourished.


There are five shades in total @ RM34.90 each:-

  • Golden Nude Brown
  • Intense Copper Red
  • Intense Spicy Red
  • Intense Copper Brown
  • Intense Violet Brown

Hairstylist Chez Hamdan of Chez Hair Studio was present at the launch to work his magic on the models. Colouring their hair in the intense and striking shades of Excellence Fashion, Chez created stunning hair effects and looks that the models showcased  during the launch.

Chez proved that anyone can achieve the same beautiful effects as he did with Excellence Fashion simply be following the instructions on the box and with a little bit of creativity. Chez informed those present at the launch that applying Excellence Fashion  is fuss-free and there is hardly any concern of not getting it right. He confirmed that the colours are striking, rich and high fashion and hair remained shiny and soft with three powerful ingredients – Ceramide, Amino Acid and Collagen.

Aside from working with models, Chez also designed three unique looks – Urban Chic, Edgy Rock and Sultry Vixen – that can be easily recreated at home with Excellence Fashion. During his presentation, Chez shared his tips and methods on how to achieve these three looks easily with Excellence Fashion, proving that you can be bold and intense everyday.


For the popular ombre hair colour that’s Urban Chic right now, Chez recommends applying Excellence Fashion from below the earlobe to the end of your hair. Pock a contrast that sets off a contrast with your hair, like the Intense Spicy Red. Apply in an uneven line so that you can create that gradation of dark to bright colour.


You can mimic the colour-blocking trend by determining where you want the fashion shade to stand out, whether it is your fringe or the sides of your hair to give it an Edgy Rock feel. Make sure to protect the other areas to ensure that colour does not touch it. Apply Excellence Fashion on your spotlight area as per usual. For a more standout look, Chez recommends enhancing with styling products or opting for an edgy hair cut.


Excellence Fashion can also be used to create a feminine yet sultry effect. To get a Sultry Vixen look, Chez recommends parting hair into two sections. While protecting the top section from colour, apply Excellence Fashion on the bottom section. Once this is done and the colouring process is over, apply a contrasting shade of Excellence Fashion on the top section. The contrast between both colours will create an outstanding appearance that looks best when curled or layered.