On The Look-Out For Greek Yogurt For My High Blood Pressure


20220619_193633A while back, I knew I had high blood pressure but I didn’t do anything about it until this year when I went to a physician who put me under medication. Actually, the medication can be bought over-the-counter without any prescription. The physician recommended less salt in my diet, eating less processed foods and introducing potassium into my diet – bananas, salads and Greek yogurt.

Although I love yogurt and eat it as often as I can, I had yet to try Greek yogurt which is more expensive than ordinary yogurt. Greek yogurt has been strained to remove extra liquid and whey resulting in a thicker consistency. The result is a higher amount of protein and probiotics. Potassium counteracts sodium so it’s important to have potassium in our diet. While we may be able to control the sodium intake if we cook, it isn’t possible when we eat food cooked by someone else from outiside.


Yesterday evening, I got a 400g tub of Bright Cow Greek Yogurt from TMC as it was discounted (not much but still a discount). This peach-flavoured Greek yogurt is so creamy and thick. This tastes so good that I want to get another tub. I can taste the peach bits in the yogurt, absolutely yummy. The other flavours available there were banana and date.