Lockdown @ Lot 10 Is Where I Want To Be Soon!



Good news for escape games fans like me! The newest kid on the block is Lockdown @ Lot 10 which is a real-life escape game from Singapore, developed by a team from Singapore and Hungary. Currently, there are 4 themes/rooms and they do seem very promising and exciting.

I dropped by for a visit this afternoon and there was a family from Singapore who’d just finished playing a game and they had at least half a dozen kids under the age of 10 with them. I can see from the reviews on Trip Advisor that since Lockdown opened 6 weeks ago, they have been very popular with tourists who comment on how special the rooms are.


I was fortunate enough to meet Lockdown KL’s Creative Director, David from Hungary and so we had a chat about the games here. One of them, Chairman’s Office has a European theme and although it is considered “difficult”, David tells me that it’s a must-try! Apparently, escape games are very popular in Hungary and tourists arrive at escape games venues by the busloads to try them out. How interesting! Maybe this will be the case in KL soon given the proliferation of escape games companies in the past year. Despite having played a few escape games in the past few months, I still consider myself very much a novice and I’d love to experience many more.

Other themes include Kidnapped, Top Secret and Bail Out. I am intrigued by Bail Out as I can imagine being locked up behind bars and in handcuffs. I have been framed, set up betrayed and wrongly imprisoned in the sheriff’s office. I’ll be sentenced the next morning. Can I escape before then? Stay tuned because this is the game I will be trying out when I play Lockdown. Can’t wait!

Lockdown @ Lot 10 is located on the 3rd Floor. Check them out here.