Lewré Bespoke Reveals All-New Handcrafted ‘Garden Of Eden’ Collection In The Presence Of Sultanah Kalsom & Dato’ Suriani


image-7Lewré Bespoke unveiled the first look at its new exquisite shoe collection ‘Garden of Eden’ in the presence of Y.A.M Hajjah Kalsom Binti Abdullah, Former Sultanah consort of Pahang & Patron of Lewré Bespoke and YBhg. Dato’ Suriani Binti Dato’ Ahmad, Secretary-General to the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development & Cooperatives (KUSKOP) at the Grand Launch of Lewré Bespoke’s first flagship store – a 3.600 sq. ft galleria catered to provide consumers with an elevated, luxurious, and personalized retail experience like no other.

As part of the launch, Lewré Bespoke enticed guests by unveiling the first look at its new exquisite shoe collection, ‘Garden of Eden’ inspired by the biblical tale from the book of Genesis, drawing on floral and animalistic aesthetics. The shoe collection features a versatile line-up of 18 designs, captivating just about anyone with a comprehensive palette. From striking blue and red hues to subtle nude and pink notes, the new collection features eye-catching compositions that are certain to drop jaws on any occasion.


image-420221201_17180620221201_17181120221201_17181720221201_17192520221201_171831The collection includes showstopping pieces with an elegant and bold design inspired by the peacock, as well as one that is made up of a luscious flower with over 1,400 Austrian crystals hand stitched onto each striking petal. The designs are a reflection of Lewré Bespoke’s timeless and superior craftsmanship; all products are meticulously handcrafted, integrating its signature intricate beading and sophisticated design into each pair of shoes.

Lewré has long been established as a successful brand with its products sold in most major malls and department stores across Malaysia. While Lewré is targeted at the mass market, Lewré Bespoke is a sister brand that focuses solely on the high-end market, aimed at consumers who appreciate exclusivity and customization as portrayed in its slogan ‘It’s very personal’. Equipped with hi-tech scanners and AI technology, the Lewré Bespoke Flagship Store is able to acquire precise measurements for each patron to produce an immaculate pair of shoes, handmade to fit the customer’s every desire.

The launch of the flagship store coincides with the brand’s 25th-anniversary of its journey to establish itself as a world-class shoe production and retail company that is able to compete against top-tier brands internationally. The brand has a targeted goal of establishing over 100 stores across Asia by 2025, which in addition to expanding the brand’s reach and presence will also have the added effect of promoting Malaysia’s retail sector across the region and boosting the country’s economy, in line with the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development & Cooperatives (KUSKOP)’s agenda. As a pacesetter for homegrown fashion retail brands, Lewré Bespoke hopes that its endeavors will aid in driving Malaysia’s fashion industry forward and inspiring Malaysian entrepreneurs to venture worldwide to ultimately increase the demand for Malaysian brands across the globe.

Dato Lewré Lew, Founder of Lewré Bespoke shared, “The Garden of Eden collection is  where art, culture, and craftsmanship come together seamlessly. Our team continuously picks the best materials from around the world to bring you the best in the fashion industry. We have ensured that each and every pair of shoes is handcrafted with precision and care that caters to everyone no matter what your taste is.”

For more information, please visit LewréBespoke’s official website: https://lewrebespoke.com/about-us/