Laura Mercier Canyon Fall Colour Story 2011


Yes, it’s a bit belated to post about Laura Mercier’s Canyon Fall Colour Story 2011 Collection or Canyon Collection, as it’s probably more popularly known as. I haven’t got round to checking it out till recently.

For me, the star products have to be the Caviar Stick Eye Colour (8 shades) and Lip Glace (4 shades). The former offers a new technique for enhancing the smoky eye look and the formula is creamy. I was amazed at how smoothly they glided across my hand, felt like butter!

There’s no doubt the colour pay-off was wonderful and they’re supposed to be long-wearing, transfer and crease-resistant. Once they are applied to the eyelids, you’d want to blend very quickly as they set in a few seconds. At the counter I went to, 2 of the shades, Smoke and Cocoa had already sold out. They retail at RM89 each.


The Lip Glace are lovely too as they are all strong enough shades to be worn on their own. The lightest shades, Brick and Desert Rose are perfect for fairer skin tones and apparently, Desert Rose is the bestseller. I can definitely see why but I also have a soft spot for Brick. I believe they are priced at RM80-90 each.

L to R – Brick, Desert Rose, Mauve Plum, Quartz
L to R – Brick, Desert Rose, Mauve Plum, Quartz