Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015 : Malaysia Airlines Inflight Meals



Malaysia Airlines was showcasing their inflight meals at Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015. I’ve noticed passengers who don’t eat anything throughout the entire duration of the flight because they snooze from the time the plane takes off to the landing at the destination. Not me though, I never miss an inflight meal. Firstly, it is already in the price of my ticket and secondly, I need to be fed and watered.

On Malaysia Airlines economy class, the option is almost always between fish and chicken. Depending on where you sit, sometimes they run out of one of the options. I invariably choose fish all the time as I find it easier to tuck down than chicken. It’s true about your senses being a bit numb when you are up there among the clouds. Can’t say I have ever truly enjoyed an inflight meal, not even the one time I was at business class on a long-haul flight.


  1. One more experience to share with all, if the choice is in between rice and pasta, always go for rice as the pasta is generally tasteless with some tomato sauce and herbs.