Korea’s No 1 Hand Cream Duft & Doft


dsc_6984Although I don’t apply hand cream daily, I couldn’t help but stop and have a closer look at Duft & Doft which is available at Guardian. These little tubes are so cute and colourful arranged in a row. They are ideal as travelling beauty staples especially if you are going to a destination with dry and cold weather.

Enriched with Shea Butter extracted from African Shea Tree fruits, Vitamin E, Collagen and Hyaluronan, the brand’s Signature Hand Creams provide the perfect balance of moisturization, nutrition and protection. They don’t use any harmful ingredients such as parabens, benzophenones, synthetic dyes  etc. 

I love Sophy Soapy Nourishing Hand Cream with its winter orchids and tea roses scent. There’s also their best seller Stockholm Rose with rose petals and cashmere rose scent and Angels Cotton, a dreamy mixture of fresh snow and soft cotton.

Now selling at the discounted price of RM33.90/50ml.