Klorane Nourishing Conditioner With Mango Butter


dsc_3416I love the scent of mangoes, it’s a very tropical scent and I was glad that the Klorane Nourishing Conditioner With Mango Butter has a very strong mango scent. The mangoes in this nourishing range are sourced from India. Mango has been selected for its fatty acids and polysaccharides with nourishing and protective properties. Klorane cold-presses its kernel to extract a highly nourishing butter which invigorates malnourished hair. And does my hair need nourishment! Like a parched traveller in a desert.

dsc_3457The conditioner is so yellow, looks like mango puree. It’s thick, creamy and concentrated. There’s also a nourishing mask with mango butter but it isn’t available in Malaysia yet. I didn’t find the effect as softening as I’d have hoped. However the scent is amazing!

Product reviewed is a press sample