Klorane Leave-In Cream With Mango Butter


dsc_3417When I saw Klorane Leave-In Cream With Mango Butter, I had my doubts about it because I thought that using a hair cream might weigh down my hair. However when I saw mango butter as the main ingredient, I was sure it would be nourishing. The cream feels quite thick and concentrated, they recommend the user to warm the cream between palms first before applying to hair.

dsc_3455I applied the cream to the length of my hair paying particular attention to the very dry ends. My hair felt much smoother and softer, the rough patches no longer felt rough. The effect was even better when I used the hair iron. I think it works better than hair oil for me. I’ll be buying a replacement tube once I have finished with this one. Smells wonderful too.

Product reviewed is a press sample