Kim-zen @ Mid Valley Boulevard



There are plenty of food choices at Mid Valley’s Boulevard and yesterday I spotted what I think is a fairly new shop, Kim-zen which specialises in dim sum and yong tau foo. A quick scan of the menu told me that they also serve rice dishes priced at RM5.90 which is reasonable for Mid Valley but how good was it going to be?

So there is a lot of seating within the shop area itself and outside where most diners congregated. Most of the yong tau foo pieces are priced at RM1.60 and ou can choose from lady’s fingers, bitter gourd, fishballs, pork meatball, soup dumpling, fu chuk, tofu pok, fried dumpling and a few more.

You look at the menu and then fill up the form to indicate what you want, the waiter takes it to the kitchen. There’s a siu mai promo at RM2.90 (1 basket per table) so I ordered that, steam rice with chop chili spare ribs and steam rice with chicken and black mushroom.



The portion of rice is not small but the meats are rather measly with more bones than meat. The rice tasted far better than the meats. There is too much chili on the spare ribs and it is hot. I had to toss aside most of it even though I have a high spicy tolerance level.


The siu mai came in generous portions and was tasty but there were inedible and unrecognisable bits and pieces within which I had to keep taking out of my mouth. I’d rather not know exactly what it was.

Maybe their yong tau foo is better than their rice dishes and dim sum. I’m not sure if I can be bothered to give them the benefit of the doubt and return for the yong tau foo since what I tried was average at best. They have a lot of staff to my surprise, there were 6 behind the counter and 4 serving. No foreign staff, service is prompt and they’re all very polite and attentive. Drinks start from RM3 even though it’s just a tea bag in a glass of hot water and that’s steep. All prices are subject to 10% service charge.