Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2015



Generally, I would rather watch fashion shows in the comfort of my home as I don’t fancy all the waiting around for the show to start and I’m not one to be fashionably late. I do note that many guests at fashion shows here dress very well, no matter what the venue may be and even if the toilets at said venue are unbelievably wet I  wondered how the ladies managed with their long gowns unless they had remarkable bladder control. Some of them love taking selfies even when they are seated waiting for the show to start and I don’t mean just a few selfies. They take a few dozen selfies and this is even during the show. The phone is held at arm’s length invading my personal space so much so I almost feel like slapping the phone from their hand. Try doing that if you are sitting next to Anna Wintour or Naomi Campbell and I wonder what they’d do. There ought to be some unwritten rules of social etiquette regarding selfie taking in confined spaces. I guess I’ll never really grasp the selfie culture.

Preening aside, some fashion shows should not be missed and this is true of Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2015 showcase held at the National Visual Arts Gallery. I was 5 hours early for the show because the traffic to the venue is bad any time of the day and hanging out there a few hours early is much more preferable to spending more than an hour in rush hour traffic.

Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2015 brings back the joy of spring after the cold winter and is inspired by the poem “March 18” by Margaret James.

This collection brings out hope and peace, what the girl would wear as she stepped out of the house into the garden. This season. Khoon Hooi incorporates spring elements such as the hummingbird, the flowers and the pastel flowers of the sky into his collection. Bright and cheerful, the collection emotes certain darkness that evokes a sense of sophistication. The hummingbird is a very colourful creature and the name of the bird comes from the fact that they can flap their wings about 80 times per second so much so they make a humming sound. Because they emerge during springtime, they have been associated with fertility.


Cropped jacket with scallop detail (Color : Ice, Emerald, Noir)


Double breasted coat with hood (Color : Sky, Rose, Mandarin)


Scallop wrapped over mini skirt with beads (Color : Rose, Sky, Mandarin)


Long sleeve tassel blouse (Color : Mint, Noir)


Scallop wrapped over mini skirt (Color : Ice, Sky, Mandarin)


Fit and flare lace dress (Color : Rose Mix, Mint Mix)


Fit and flare mermaid silk taffeta dress (Color : Lilac, Emerald, Noir)


Dolman sleeve dress with volume skirt (Color : Ice, Sky, Emerald)


Handkerchief dress with netting details (Color : Sand, Ash, Mandarin)


Floral jacquard trench coat with beadings (Color : Lilac Mix, Forest Mix)


V-neck embroidery maxi dress (Color : Lilac, Emerald, Noir)


Draped floral silk jacquard dress (Color : Lilac Mix, Forest Mix)


Square neck 3D draping dress (Color : Sand, Sky)


Lace maxi dress (Color : Noir)


Sleeveless tassel maxi dress (Color : Mint. Noir)


Short sleeve handkerchief dress (Color : Ash, Mandarin, Emerald)


Square neck dress with netting details (Color : Lilac Mix, Forest Mix)


Deep V maxi dress with beads (Color : Ice, Mandarin, Noir)


Cotton shorts with organza detail (Color : Ice Mix, Emerald Mix)


Transparency lace blouse (Color : Ash Mix, Noir Mix)


Fitted peplum blouse with feather  (Color : Ice, Lilac, Noir)

silk taffeta

Silk taffeta coat with scallop detail (Color : Sand, Sky)


Flowy blouse with embroidery (Color : Ice, Sky, Mint) and Palazzo pants with geometric panels (Color : Mint Mix, Mandarin Mix, Noir Mix)

Lilac, sky, mint and pink, this collection encompasses soft pastels of a dreamy garden, radiating new and youthful colour palettes. Three-dimensional side draped skirts and oversized jackets with scallop details inspired by the wings of a hummingbird that can be seen at the necklines, lapels and hems, are carefully constructed to form unique silhouettes. Oversized textured cotton and taffeta jackets are worn over soft satin tops, with asymmetrical cuts and wings at the back. Paired with wide straight cut pants and handkerchief skirts, the loose and relaxed look is incredibly functional without compromising style and comfort. The bell-shaped volume skirts and exaggerated sleeves enhance the distinct boldness of the whole laid-back attitude while silk taffeta and floral silk jacquard, encased with a layer of netting, give an impeccably strong structural volume.

Delicately embroidered hummingbirds are also put together with incandescent beads, layered with fine nettings and laces to illustrate ffreedom and fantasy. Feathers in the seams and tassels bring out dramatic movement in the collection, while retaining the sleek look Khoon Hooi is famous for. New accessories encapsulate the look of a hummingbird, with the arresting look of soft colour-blocking feathers, beads and pearls, contrast against the bold, brassy chains.