Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation Opens At Sunway Lagoon


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Fans of spooky theme park attractions will be delighted with the opening of Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation at Sunway Lagoon. Media and invited guests had received news of a mysterious event that has been lurking in the outskirts of Kevil Hill deep inside Sunway Lagoon. This morning, we were invited to unearth the dark secrets inside the spine-chilling walls of Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation (KHCC) founded by James Buchanan (JB) Kevil.

JB Kevil had recently lost his wife and to preserve her body in the hope that future developments in science could revive her, he built a cryonic facility. Accompanied by a team of highly trained officers from the CDC-CCU (Center for Disease Control – Cryo Containment Unit), guests went on a tour of the premises uncovering the world of cryonics, a world of life after death.

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Yes, resurrection may be possible at the Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation where frozen bodies are stored in cryo-tanks with extremely cold temperatures. With nitrogen everywhere, these lifeless bodies await the day when they become living, breathing beings again.

If you love sci-fi, then go and get creeped out by this latest attraction at the Lynton V Harris Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon from 11am to 6pm daily.