Introducing Cow Brand Beauty Soap


20220609_160314Cow Brand Beauty Soap is a famous brand of soap from Japan. The company was established in 1909, that’s over 100 years ago. Cow Brand uses the “soap-kettle saponification” method which is time-consuming. Workers spend 5-7 days painstakingly stirring the ingredients in a giant kettle.

These soaps contain natural, plant-derived oils and fats. Milk butter and squalene hydrate and reinforce skin’s natural barrier. There are 2 variants in different coloured boxes – red and blue. The ones in the red box are 100g each while the ones in the blue box are 135g each. It comes in singles and box of 3 soaps. The more moisturising one is the Red Box but the nicer scented one is the Blue Box which has a jasmine scent.

Available at AEON Wellness, Guardian, Shopee and Lazada.