An Innovative Breakthrough Resulted In The Creation Of Ruby Chocolate


dsc_3515Anyone who visits Harriston Chocolate should taste their unique ruby chocolate as it’s so different from the types of chocolate we are accustomed to, namely dark, milk and white chocolates. Some interesting information about the ruby chocolate courtesy of Queenie Teng, Executive Director of Harriston Chocolate:

  • Ruby chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean
  • It does not use any colouring or flavouring to produce the ruby colour and berry fruitiness
  • The discovery was an effort by Barry Callebaut, who are based in France and Belgium
  • ‘The ruby chocolate was discovered by accident about 13 years ago
  • It took years to finalise the crafting of the ruby chocolate and during the process, Barry Callebaut collaborated with the Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany
  • Harriston chocolate conducted extensive consumer research in 2015 including the ruby chocolate
  • The creation of the ruby chocolate is one of the biggest discoveries in chocolate in 80 years.