Innisfree Green Tea Body Cleanser


innisfree-green-tea-body-cleanserAny skincare or bodycare with some ingredients from Jeju, Korea seem to be very popular nowadays. I notice plenty of products with the name “Jeju” in drugstores such as Jeju “something or other” sheet masks. Innisfree Green Tea Body Cleanser contains Jeju green tea extract, it’s one of my Innisfree purchases from some time ago. Haven’t been going into Innisfree outlets for a long time, ever since I didn’t get included in any of their media events.

Innisfree Green Tea Body Cleanser has a mild scent but I don’t think it’s exactly a green tea scent. The lather is thick and you don’t need a lot of the product to create lots and lots of foam. An above-the-average quality body cleanser.

Innisfree Green Tea Body Cleanser retails at RM40/300ml.