Infuseur DIY Aesthetics Offers Solutions Targeted At The Right Skin Layers

Infuseur Skin DIY Aesthetics
Infuseur Skin DIY Aesthetics
Infuseur Skin Deep Dermal Restoration Treatment

While skincare can only do so much as it cannot penetrate into deeper layers of skin, we need to go to the root of the problem which means reaching into deeper layers of the skin. Infuseur offers a treatment that is able to make millions of nano channels across the whole face in well less than an hour with no injection or filler insertion. I admit I was a little apprehensive when I heard that “millions of nano channels” would be made across my entire face. It was like picturing millions of tiny holes all over my face but that’s not it at all.

When I read their brochure, I was sceptical the treatment could work with just one treatment. After all, I had been to countless facials and the difference wasn’t much but bear in mind, this isn’t a facial treatment. So I submitted myself to the good hands of Infuseur MD, Dylan who did a demo on me while we were having drinks at Coffee Bean in Mid Valley Megamall.

A device called the Dermal Presser is used to administer the treatment which comes in the form of 3 bottles and 1 mask which are rich with low molecular weight HA and Stemcell. The treatment is called Infuseur Deep Dermal Restoration Treatment and provides infusion of low molecular weight essence into the multi depth dermal layers, fills them up with much    needed nutrients, reinvigorates the cell functions and stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin for dermal repair and restore.

I was concerned that there would be some pain during the treatment since the thought of having a device pressed against my face didn’t sound too appealing but my worries were allayed by Dylan who assured me there would be no pain. One can adjust the intensity of pressure on the Dermal Presser. Beginners can start with 0.5-1mm and if that is bearable, then adjust to 1.5mm for even more effective results.

Firstly, the Deep Dermal LMW Tri-HA was applied on various parts of my face (there is a diagram of the face sections on the instruction sheet which users can follow) because the Dermal Presser should only be used on parts of the skin moistened. It should not be used on dry skin. The very first second the Dermal Presser was pressed on my skin, I relaxed. No pain at all. Just a gentle massage circular motion. I was informed that the Dermal Presser should be used on the nose area last as it is the dirtiest part of the face.

Before and after on left side of face
Before and after on left side of face
Before and after on right side of face
Before and after on right side of face

As soon as Dylan finished with the left side of my face, I could see an improvement as there was a reduction of eye bags and dark circles. Also the nasolabial line looked less obvious. There was also a general brightening in skin tone. Quite remarkable results for a first time usage!

I tried using the Dermal Presser myself and it’s relatively easy to handle. Just be mindful not to use it on any section of the face for too long. Although you want to create nano channels on skin, you don’t want to create too many. You want just enough for the treatment to be effective and repair skin from within.

After the Deep Dermal LMW Stemcell had been applied thoroughly, it was time for the Instant Recovery Ice Masque to calm skin for 15 minutes. It’s very cooling even though it wasn’t left in the fridge. It’s one of those sheet masks I wish I had whenever my skin feels irritated, this is such a good mask for when your skin has been too exposed to the sun.

After the Instant Recovery Ice Masque was removed, it was time to apply the 3rd bottle of treatment, Hi-Per Calming Barrier Restore Cream. There was no irritation or redness/stinging after the session. It felt immensely good to look a few years’ younger after a half hour treatment. Much more effective than any facial, for sure.

One of the common questions users ask is whether they can use their own  skincare after the treatment. It’d actually be better (according to Infuseur) to apply their own skincare (3 steps comprising of Hi-PerHA Barrier Restore Serum, Hi-Per Ceramide-3 Barrier Restore Lipid & Hi-Per Calming Barrier Restore Cream) for a very good reason, i.e. because the active ingredients of Infuseur products are nano-technologically researched and  developed. This ensures molecular sizes are obtained that are penetrable through the nano channels created from epidermis to dermis, thus absorbable by the skin cells for restoration purposes. If we were to use our own skincare after the treatment, our skincare may contain molecular sizes that are too big to be penetrable through the nano channels, resulting in inefficient restoration that can lead to sensitive skin.

Whatever your skin problem may be, whether it is wrinkles, pigmentation,  dry, oily, acne, large pore size, Infuseur can help in some way from the first treatment. Of course, repeated treatments will mean better and more effective results. One can expect to see results such as refined pore size, removal of light pigments, reduction of puffy eye bags, lightening of dark eye circles, removal of dead skin cells and impurities, fairer and clearer skin.

In the next two weeks, I will be providing updates on the second Infuseur  treatment which I will administer on my own. I expect to see a further improvement in my skin texture and appearance. It’s a rather interesting DIY aesthetic procedure and there’s nothing like trying it out for yourself in order to be convinced of its efficacy.