My Cats’ Favourite Gourmet Delight Grain Free With Many Choices


gourmetdelightMy cats can be quite fussy when it comes to their food, sometimes they will eat with gusto and sometimes they will take a sniff of whatever is served and walk away even though I know they are hungry. What I know is they both dislike tuna especially some brands’ tuna. I bought a few cans of Gourmet Delight from a pet shop and they seem to like it as the brand offers many different variations.

As Shopee is having the 9.9 sale, I bought 3 batches of Gourmet Delight from the same seller @ RM2.40 each. Some sellers offer it for RM2.20 per can but I chose this particular seller as it’s a preferred seller which means I could redeem Shopee coins and by doing so, reduced the price per can to RM1.80 each. My first order was for 7 cans followed by 4 cans for the 2nd and 3rd orders all within the same week.


Because my cats love chicken, Gourmet Delight suits them nicely. Many of the flavours have chicken mixed with fish and they eat this food with more enthusiasm than other brands’ food. Shipping from this seller is rather fast and the cans come in bubble wrap so there are no dents.