Goodbye Under Eye Shadows, Switch On Your Eye Aura With New SK-II Genoptics Under Eye Circle


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From the multi-awarded GenOptics Series, SK-II launches NEW1 GenOptics Under Eye Circle, SK-II’s first-ever advanced eye serum that will revolutionize the category by tackling the top unmet eyecare needs faced by young women today.

Through extensive research, SK-II pointed out to three main issues triggering under eye concerns today: accumulation of pigmentation (melanine) causing dullness, rough and thin skin caused by dryness and pollution, and lack of blood circulation caused by daily stress.

Formulated with SK-II’s one and only signature PITERA™, SK-II’s most advanced GenOptics Aura Technology, and further enriched with GenOptics Under Eye Dual Complex1 , NEW SK-II GenOptics Under Eye Circle reduces dullness by promoting a healthy turnover to brighter skin and enhances the brightened skin layer by plumping and smoothening fine texture. All while taking care of your skin condition by improving and maintaining eye’s inner skin hydration.

  • PITERA™ – SK-II’s exclusive and naturally derived ingredient, enhances skin barrier function and transforms skin to Crystal Clear
  •  GenOptics Aura Technology – Niacinamide & Lotus Flower Extract to increase skin brightness – NEW GenOptics Under Eye Dual Complex
  • LA-Bright: provides the eye area with gentle exfoliation o Sodium Lactate, Xylitol & Trehalose: protects skin from dehydration while plumping and smoothening texture through powerful moisturization

Furthermore, this lightweight yet powerful serum is engineered with SK-II’s unique ceramic rollerball applicator, giving a “friction-less” massage that helps improve blood circulation and cools down skin to relax the eyes, unleashing bright, radiant aura around your eyes from 1st application.


NEW GenOptics Under Eye Circle will be available nationwide from 1 March 2022. SK-II GenOptics Ultraura Essence RM670