Good Food And Even Better Company At Roots PR’s Media Dinner

Group photo with Roots PR management & other media lucky draw winners
Group photo with Roots PR management & other media lucky draw winners

It’s not often that I get to meet all the management and staff of a PR company even though I do meet some PR people at media events. However, they are often too busy to chat for long at such events, understandable as they need to manage the event and keep an eye on everything to do with media. So it was a rare privilege to attend a media dinner recently hosted by one of the best and nicest PR companies in town, Roots PR at Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café in Ara Damansara.

ALL the management and staff of Roots PR took the time to mingle with every guest and I really enjoyed my time there as they showed how excellent their PR is during this dinner. The food was wonderful but I don’t have any photos of that (too busy!). Yes, the company (Roots PR of course) was even better than the food as they were hospitable and genuinely made us all feel welcomed.

With Heidi of Roots PR

At the end of the dinner, there was a lucky draw where several lucky winners took home lovely prizes. I was one of those lucky ones and am truly grateful and pleased to have been included in Roots PR’s media dinner. Their team showed us what top-notch PR is really like. Special thanks to Thien Eu, Lydia, Eshwari, Diana, Li Yi, Myra, Li Yan and everyone else from Roots PR I talked to but didn’t exchange cards with. All of them are just amazing, so friendly and approachable!