Fujifilm Introduces ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion


dscn98981Living in an environment where skin is constantly exposed to UV rays day in and day out, most (if not all) of us would be concerned about dark spots and pigmentation which of course can lead to premature or irreversible aging. That’s why there is always a need to incorporate some whitening skincare product into our regimen, whether it is a serum or a lotion such as the newly introduced ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion from Fujifilm, the lotion has been updated.

This lotion delivers an enhanced beauty effect with the well known whitening ingredient “arbutin” as well as the Nano AMA+, a composite ingredient combining Nano AMA with ferulic acid formulated into nano-particles for stable distribution using Fujifilm’s proprietary technology. Ferulic acid is a type of polyphenol derived from rice bran. The Nano AMA+ hydrates skin while clearing its dull appearance.

ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion contains the damask rose scent which refreshes the senses and provides an uplifting experience for users. The slim-line cylindrical container gives a sharp look and provides ease of use with the Smart Refill® refilling system, in which only a pump head needs to be removed and switched onto a refill.

ASTALIFT WHITE Bright Lotion is available at ASTALIFT counters in Isetan 1Utama, The Gardens and KLCC, retailing at RM167.48/130ml.