Fujifilm Astalift Jelly Aquarysta


Leading the range of ASTALIFT products newly launched in Malaysia is ASTALIFT’s Jelly AQUARYSTA. Its unique name is derived from AQUA and CRYSTAL, which symbolises the light-as-water texture of the clear red jelly and the crystal-clear, moisturised complexion it brings to skin.

It is the first product to be used right after cleansing/washing in your daily skincare regime, and before lotion and emulsion.

Cleanse/Wash → JELLY AQUARYSTA → Lotion → Emulsion

Jelly AQUARYSTA promises to enhance skin’s moisture retention ability by replenishing lost ceramide, which is found in the surface layer of skin (startum corneum/keratin layer).

Ceramide is an essential component for maintaining optimum levels of moisture in skin. As we age, the level of ceramide in skin naturally decreases, leading to loss of moisture, and fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, it is important to replenish lost ceramide in order to strengthen skin, especially dry or damaged skin*, to protect it against further dehydration and the invasion of external stimuli which can lead to skin irritation.

* Moisture evaporates more easily from damaged skin surfaces (stratum corneum/keratin layer), making it easy for external stimuli to invade the skin.

Jelly that Feeds your Skin

Jelly AQUARYSTA brims with the nourishing goodness of ceramide. These ceramide particles, measuring 20 nanometres in size, are the world’s smallest^. They comprise 100% skin- nourishing ceramide, without being diluted with oil or emulsifier.

Created to be identical in nature to the ceramide molecules in human skin, its perfect compatibility maximises Jelly AQUARYSTA’s efficacy as it penetrates easily into skin for quick, optimal absorption.

The unconventional use of a unique light-as-water jelly texture, with the absence of holding agents such as oil or emulsifier, produces a highly concentrated and stable blend of skin- loving nutrients to nourish skin and help it brave the stormy effects of time.

^ As of May 2010


Highly Penetrative. Highly Concentrated.

Coupled with the World’s Smallest Nano-sized Ceramide Identical in Nature to Human Skin

Jelly AQUARYSTA harnesses three state-of-art technologies:

  1. Use of “human-type” nano-sized ceramide molecules, which is of identical molecular structure to that in human skin, allowing for maximum absorption of skin-nourishing ingredients into the skin.
  2. As the world’s smallest^ nano-sized ceramide particles at 20 nanometres, it is delivered deep into the skin’s layers to nourish and hydrate it.
  3. Use of unique jelly format (sans oil or emulsifier) enables a highly-concentrated and stable blend of 100% ceramide nano-particles to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers for optimum nourishment.

Jelly AQUARYSTA’s Awards and Accolades

Since its launch in Japan in autumn last year, Jelly AQUARYSTA has quickly catapulted to top sales ranking domestically. It has won numerous accolades as one of Japan’s best- selling anti-ageing skincare products, and enjoyed rave reviews by consumers and beauty editors of top Japanese magazines such as MAQUIA and VOCE.

  • Voted No. 1 Serum in Japan – VOCE 2011 August
  • No. 1 Solution for Dry Skin in Japan – MAQUIA 2010 A/W
  • No. 3 in the Special Skincare Category in Japan – VOCE 2010 A/W

What Japanese fans of Jelly AQUARYSTA say about their favourite skincare product?

  • Skin is more dewy and more moisturised!
  • Skin texture is finer!
  • Skin appears brighter and more radiant!
  • Skin feels firmer and suppler!
  • Fine lines are less obvious!
  • Pores are less visible and skin looks smoother!

Size: 40g

Retail price: RM348.00

Active ingredients:

  • Human-type nano-sized Ceramide Molecules
  • Astaxanthin
  • Three different types of Collagens

How to use:

  • Use day and night after washing and before applying lotion and emulsion.
  • Take a pearl-sized amount onto fingertips. Massage gently into face until it is fully absorbed by skin.
  • Continue with lotion and emulsion.
Note : Image and press release have been provided by Fujifilm’s PR.