On The Food Trail Jalan Ampang : Fruits On The Go Food Truck


dsc_0222Although I am well aware that there is plenty to choose from the multitudes of restaurants (from high end to budget) along Jalan Ampang, this isn’t an area of town I frequent and it’s been decades since I was last at Wisma MCA but so happened I was there this morning for an appointment. Getting there in the heavy rain was hellish because of the heavy downpour which made progress snail’s pace most of the time. There’s an arts exhibition on at Wisma MCA at the moment and while waiting for someone to retrieve her umbrella from the office upstairs, I chanced upon Fruits On The Go Food Truck manned by 2 young guys, Errvin Choo and Shian (inside the food truck). Heck…at my age, everyone else is young. Anyway, they are the guys who prepare fruits juices @ RM5 (apple, orange, watermelon) and a special home brewed lemon plum and lime juice @ RM4 (it’s an acquired taste and I haven’t acquired it yet).

dsc_0228dsc_0231dsc_0230Their rojak is priced at RM6 which is reasonable (there’s one near my house and they are charging RM6.50 for a small portion!), the sauce is tasty and the fruits taste really fresh. The food truck is available for events and parties, they cater to a minimum of 50 pax. They are based in front of Wisma MCA this month and normally they are in Pandan Indah.

Errvin Choo : 012-7200 988

Shian : 012-3160 346