Fabric Masks Are More Comfortable For Me


dsc_8682Like almost everyone ones else. I was wearing those disposable face masks but I found that the ones I ordered from China were a bit rough. It led to mild chafing of the skin around my mouth. Then I started ordering fabric masks from Shopee Malaysia and one of them is this combo set which I featured earlier, they are 2 for RM10 and you can choose whatever 2 shades you like.

dsc_8684dsc_8686They might be a little tight for some people. It’s quite snug on my face but not uncomfortable. I’m glad the seller is nice enough to offer them at that price. I’ll stick to fabric masks as they are less irritating to my skin. There’s no filter pocket on these masks though so they’re okay for short errand trips but I wouldn’t wear them for hours as they don’t offer as much protection as surgical masks.