Experience A Single State Of Mind With The New Amber Wing Single Origin Espresso From The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia


02-amber-wing-poster-beverage-namesFrom seed to cup, mountaintop to countertop, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia is bringing the flavors from across the world to Malaysians the best way we know how – an authentically curated cup of single origin coffee. Now, the single origin espresso makes a highly-anticipated return with the new Amber Wing beans from Botelhos, Brazil. Handcrafted into a range of beverages, Malaysians can savor the unique characteristics of the coffee beans and Experience a Single State of Mind.

“Each time we bring in new coffee beans from a different part of the world to your neighborhood The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® outlet, it is more than just about giving you – whether you are a functional coffee drinker or a discerning aficionado – new, unique flavors to experience,” said Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Marketing & Innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia. “With our single origin coffee specifically, we are hoping to bring about A Single State of Mind. It is a personal space and time for one to have a relaxing cuppa in hand and truly #BeanTheMoment, a respite from the everyday. With every launch of a new single origin espresso line-up, we want our guests to feel that every cup is a destination of their own choosing, away from the hustle and bustle of life, even for just a moment – the Amber Wing is no exception.”

Smooth and chocolatey, the new Amber Wing single origin espresso carries with it hints of dry apricot and light citrus, the taste of which is preceded by a pleasant, chestnut-like aroma. Highlighting these rich characteristics are the handcrafted beverages from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia – the fan-favorite Gibraltar Latte (RM 13.80), the Gibraltar Americano (RM 10.80), the Gibraltar Mocha Latte (RM 14.80) and the Ristretto (RM 8.80). With the new Amber Wing single origin espresso, Malaysians can Experience a Single State of Mind with a whole new world of flavors, while enjoying the characteristic quality cuppa from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Accompanying the introduction of the single origin espresso are new Amber Wing-themed merchandise to bring you closer to the origin of the coffee beans. These include glass mugs, tumblers, sustainable bags and limited-edition TCB Cards. In addition to that, there will also be a new Fressko Mulholland series in Blush, Moss and Surf colors. Be on a look out for these goodies on the shelves of your neighborhood The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® outlet in the coming weeks.

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