essano Superfoods Certified Organic Kale Nourishing Facial Oil


dsc_7177Now here’s a skincare product I really want to try as it looks promising- essano Superfoods Kale Nourishing Facial Oil. The essano™ Superfoods range combine the natural power of raw, organic, cold-pressed plant extracts with Liposomal Technology to ensure maximum potency for the most effective skin-enhancing results.

There are three products in this range:

Cinnamon – Detoxifies, enhances and repairs by removing impurities and targeting acne, pimples and blemishes. Best suited for normal/combination skin.

Turmeric – Energises, soothes and reduces inflammation. Restores that radiant glow by slowing the signs of ageing. Best suited for normal/dry skin.

Kale – Hydrates, heals and nourishes by boosting hydration and collagen production. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Best suited for combination/dry/mature skin.


So it looks like my skin needs the Kale variation as I could do with some wrinkle reduction, more hydration and nourishing. There was a sample so I applied a few drops, does not feel greasy at all and absorbs quickly into skin.

Kale is known to repair skin and boost hydration, elasticity and collagen production. There is also Blackcurrant Seed Oil for a natural glow, Rosemary to improve circulation and Evening Primrose Oil to hydrate and deeply nourish.

essano Superfoods Certified Organic Kale Nourishing Facial Oil is RM99.90/20ml. Currently it is on 20% discount so it’s RM79.90.