Dr Morita HA Super Hydrating Facial Mask


dr-morita-ha-super-hydrating-facial-maskDr Morita HA Super Hydrating Facial Mask uses the new developed invisible tencel and pearl powder materials for a better, more snug fit in face. The material does feel a bit different from other Dr Morita masks I have tried before. The best feature about this mask is that it has a mild rose scent. It contains organic rose + organic licorice + small molecule hyaluronic acid that penetrates easier into skin.

dr-morita-ha-super-hydrating-facial-mask1This mask has concentrated hydrating and whitening effects but I’m sure you would have to use a few boxes of this in order to see the whitening results. It is indeed very hydrating, my skin feels much more supple, moist and soft after using Dr Morita HA Super Hydrating Facial Mask.