Didn’t Meet The Wizard Of Oz But Met Dorothy, The Wicked Witch & The Scarecrow


The next best thing to meeting the Wizard of Oz was meeting the Wicked Witch of the West, the Scarecrow and Dorothy. M.A.C Cosmetics, the official makeup sponsor of the musical, The Wizard Of Oz had arranged a makeup demo on those 3 main characters by members of their Artistic Team – Haritha Shan, Stev Chong and Shahrum Mohd Nor.

What did they use to give the Wicked Witch such a green look? How did they make Stephanie Van Driesen who plays Dorothy look like such a young girl? Which products would make the Scarecrow look so scarecrow-ish? All will be revealed (all product are Pro products unless otherwise stated).

For the Scarecrow look, Stev used a gel eyeliner to create deep-set eyes and a Shadestick to soften eyes and lips. These are the products used to create the look:-

  • Fluidline (Dipdown), Eyeshadow (Espresso and Vanilla).
  • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Studio Careblend.
  • Pro Product (Acrylic paint).
  • Shape & Shade Shadow/Liner.
  • MAC Powder – To The People (Beth Ditto Collection – coming soon).

Haritha does not apply any moisturiser to the “Wicked Witch” as the face paint, Chromacake is water-based. She has only 4 minutes max to create this look (same as the Scarecrow look). She has to work with the Chromacake very fast as it is a fast drying product. She blends the 1st layer in and dabs the 2nd layer for intensity. She used the 187 stippling brush as it is bigger and easier to blend.

Magenta pink is used as a blush and on eye crease. Pro Longwear eyeshadows are used around eyes. These are the products used to create the look:-

  • Green Chromacake and Black Chromacake.
  • Contour eyeshadow, lip color and eyebrow.

The Dorothy look is young and sweet, pinks and plums are used. Studio Sculpt Foundation is used together with Mineralize Foundation for a 3D effect. Invisible powder is very transparent and helps hold the foundation. Fix+ is used before foundation to keep skin hydrated.

These are the products used to create the look:-

  • Wedge Eyeshadow (Brow), Pro Longwear Eyeshadow Pink, Blacktrack Eyeliner, Extended Play Lash Mascara, Get No Kick Kohl.
  • Magenta Blush, Sculpting Powder.
  • Nicki Minaj Viva Glam, Clear Lipglass.