Dettol K N95 Mask Adult Face Mask


dsc_9103Now that our Covid cases are increasing, we need to protect ourselves as best we can and of course everyone knows masks are essential. One of the better protective masks out there is Dettol K N95 Mask Adult Face Mask which I somehow have, can’t remember where I got it from.


Benefits of Dettol K N95 Mask Adult Face Mask include:

  1. PM2.5 Filtration: Removes particles at 0.1 μm with 97% efficiency
  2. Dust-proof: Blocks dust and germs
  3. Blocks pollen

This mask has a snug and comfortable fit and you can really feel that it is a better mask than the 3-ply mask most of us wear every day, the quality of which varies depending on where you get it from.