derma365 Gentle Cleanser : Free From All Harmful Ingredients


dsc_1915Introduced last month by Guardian Malaysia, derma365 Gentle Cleanser (along with the Gentle Lotion) is a product specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin as it’s free from harmful ingredients such as soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT, parabens, lanolin, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil, SLS and SLES.


derma365 Gentle Cleanser has a milky scent and the lather is very gentle on skin. It reminds me of bath products suitable for infants and young children. It has a soothing sensation. The bottle is a decent size and the price reasonable for the amount in each bottle.

The derma365 Gentle Cleanser is priced at RM48.90 for 500ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample


  1. Does this really lather up? Or it’s just like Cetaphil which doesn’t produce any lather at all? Trying to look for a decent body wash that’ll get rid of the dry patches on my skin which appear out of nowhere.