Cuticura Talcum Powder To The Rescue



For some inexplicable reason, okay maybe not so inexplicable since it’s been so hot lately, I’ve been having rashes on my neck and palms. Who wants to be scratching all the time? So I bought a new bottle of calamine lotion since the old bottle had just about dried up but it worked only for a few minutes. I mean, it was soothing only when I applied it to the itchy parts but after that, the desire to scratch returned with a vengeance.

Then I figured babies have nappy rash and there must be products for them, right? Headed to the baby products section in Guardian and looked at all the products available for skin irritations. There was Aiken Medicated Talc (75g/RM3.20) and then there was a familiar powder which I grew up with, the Cuticura Talcum Powder (100g/RM3.30) in what looked like the original orange and white bottle.

Cuticura Talcum Powder contains Allantoin which has anti-irritating and soothing properties

The familiar scent brought back childhood memories, this product must have been used by generations of mothers on their kids. I am sure every mother has at some time or other, used Cuticura or other similar talcum powder on their young children. Well, I can say that this fine powder works better than calamine lotion in soothing the irritated areas. Not bad for a product priced below RM5 whereas calamine lotion is priced at RM7.80.