Craving For Burger King Led Me To These Value For Money Vouchers


screenshot_20200530-140703Had a sudden craving for Burger King yesterday but bad weather prevented/deterred me from going far to get dinner. The nearest Burger King outlet is in KL Sentral. I’d found their e-vouchers on their Facebook page and the meals are really value for money as you can get 2 Whopper Jr., 2 Cheeseburgers and 2 Cheesy Fries for RM21.90. You would be hard pressed to find similar deals at other fast food restaurants.

Here are some other e-vouchers:


screenshot_20200530-140644So I went to KL Sentral before noon to get the RM21.90 set:

dsc_8729The Cheesy Fries are rather good, they are generous with the cheese sauce but of course it would have tasted even better if eaten at the outlet. The cheeseburger would also have been better if eaten at the outlet. However the Whopper Jr. tasted delicious even though consumed about half an hour after pick-up.