Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub With Marine Beads


dsc_6260Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub With Marine Beads is a unique scrub with dual exfoliation functions – liquid and mechanical – to gently remove dull skin surface, while instantly leaving skin noticeably smoother and radiant. Contains exfoliating agents to assist in micro-exfoliation process, removing dead skin cells for a more radiant complexion. A combination of extracts and vitamins provide soothing properties, while maintaining skin’s elasticity and texture to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

dsc_6261The beads are very fine and gentle on skin. It’s very easy to rinse off everything leaving no residue. Leaves my skin feeling very smooth. Has the following benefits:

  • REPAIR : Squalene to Improve oxygenation of skin cell for healthy, radiant skin
  • REFINE : Vitamin B3 to reduce fine lines, and promote instant skin softening
  • RESHIELD : Aloe Vera to soothe, heal and protect from damaging environmental aggression