Christmas Nail Art


nail art

The end of the year is downtime for events since the majority of people involved are on leave and I look forward to this time as I can spend more time clearing the mountain of backlogged reviews. I know who I owe reviews to, some of which have been on the back burner for much longer than should be. To those I still owe reviews to, I apologise and will try my best to get them posted before the end of the year.

Sometimes I don’t even have time to blog about stuff I really want to like my Christmas nail art. Not that I did it myself since I have neither the talent nor patience for anything that artistic. I know a lot of people can do it themselves and I am impressed by them but I doubt I can even draw a straight line on my nails. Even complete amateurs would make me look like someone who has never held a brush before.




My manicurist may be very young (half my age as a matter of fact!) and doesn’t have as much experience as others in the industry but what she has is tons of patience and an obliging spirit in that she listens to my requests and doesn’t think anything I ask for is too much. I started going to her  few months ago and I am staying put. I’ve recommended a friend to my manicurist and she’s also very happy with the service and reasonable charges. It’s not that easy to find a manicurist one is completely comfortable with. I should know as I have been to many nail salons in the past 2 years.

My manicurist can be reached on 016 9588 322. Anyone can text her to ask for her charges and services.

This is my 9th post for the day, it’s a record for me which will probably never be repeated because now I am exhausted.