Canmake Juicy Glow Skin Base


dsc_2591One of the beauty brands that fascinate me at Guardian is Canmake as they have such cute packaging. I had a look at Canmake Juicy Glow Skin Base which has the following benefits:

Lustrous finish makes skin look hydrated and well cared-for
● Formulated with more than 80% beautifying ingredients, providing a generous infusion of moisture that creates a natural glow.
(Beige: 80.9%; Pink: 81.0%)
● Contains three types of delicate pearl particles to create a wet-look sheen, rather than a glittery sparkle.
● Contains Oil-controlling Powder to adjust sebum levels, while maintaining a superb finish.

Five in one
[Beige] Serum / Cream / Sunscreen / Base / Light foundation
[Pink] Serum / Cream / Sunscreen / Base / Color corrector
● Combining five functions in one, this is all you need to complete your base make-up after your skincare regime.

Natural coverage for a bare-skin look ♥
● The fluid forms a thin layer that clings to your skin, providing natural coverage for skin concerns, while retaining the unadorned look of bare skin.


color image
[01] Beige☆
A beige that conceals uneven skin tone
color image
[02] Pink☆
A pink that enhances the rosiness of your complexion