BREWING NATIONAL PRIDE: ZUS Coffee’s Kampung Buatan Malaysia Celebrates Homegrown Quality 


Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.

On 9th September, as visitors stepped into Rumah Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur, they entered a nostalgic setting, a scene that reminded them of a lively “kampung”. This was Kampung Buatan Malaysia, an event by ZUS Coffee, a local coffee chain that is known for its innovation. The air was filled with the rich scent of coffee and the sound of community chatter. It was more than an event; it was an experience – a symbol of unity and pride for Malaysian-made products. 

Kampung Buatan Malaysia is a part of the larger narrative – ZUS Coffee’s “Buatan Malaysia” campaign. Their campaign aims to challenge misconceptions and champion the truth about the quality of Malaysian-made products. As such, ZUS Coffee hopes that with this campaign, they can contribute to a shared vision of a future where Malaysia is recognised for promise and potential. 

As visitors arrived at the iconic Rumah Tangsi, they were greeted first by the inviting aromas from Lorong Makan ZUS located just outside. Here, foodies dived into a world of mouth-watering specialties, including both local and international flavours, brought to life by local brands. 

Once inside, visitors found themselves in Pasar ZUS, which stretched across both the ground and the first floor. This marketplace set the stage for local brands to proudly display their unique products. At Kampung Buatan Malaysia, every corner, every stall told a story. The story of Malaysians who dared to dream and build. 

The Time Tunnel not only showcased the growth of ZUS Coffee but also highlighted their cherished partners: BOH, Inside Scoop, Julie’s, and Farm Fresh. These partners, who share similar humble beginnings, have joined forces with ZUS Coffee to create the products that Malaysians have come to know and

love. The Time Tunnel will reflect not just the dedication of Malaysians to their homegrown brands, but also the power of collaboration and shared success in creating beloved Malaysian products. 

Meanwhile, the aroma of ZUS Coffee’s latest innovation, the “Tarik Series,” filled the air. A tribute to the beloved Malaysian Teh Tarik, this series illustrates the nation’s capacity for creativity and evolution. It is a taste all Malaysians know and love, refreshed by the smoothness of ZUS Coffee’s signature Velvet Crème. A delightful fusion that mirrors Malaysia itself – a country with a rich heritage continuously reshaping its future. 

The event promised more than interactive experiences. Spectators enjoyed performances by celebrated local artists such as Syamel, Kaka Azraff, and Andi Bernadee. Additionally, the event showcased the richness of Malaysia’s cultural heritage with a mesmerising Tarian Muhibbah performance. 

To further bring the concept and theme of the “Buatan Malaysia” campaign to life, ZUS Coffee has crafted a compelling campaign video titled “ZUS Coffee On Trial: Buatan Malaysia?” Featuring familiar faces such as comedians Kavin Jay and Ryan Howlett, entrepreneur Arieff Yong, and beloved local brands like Farm Fresh, Inside Scoop, BOH, and Julie’s, the video showcases the pride in being Malaysian-made. 

Collaborative chapters of the “Buatan Malaysia” campaign also feature partners like BOH for the Tarik Series and Inside Scoop for a limited edition ice cream inspired by ZUS Coffee’s beverages. These partnerships underscore the extraordinary achievements that can be accomplished when Malaysian brands unite and work together towards a common goal.