Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock


One of the latest skincare/bodycare brands that is available at Sephora is Bliss. Those who have purchased Bliss products in USA and Hong Kong will rejoice as I know there are some fans of Bliss in Malaysia who have certain Bliss favourites.

No ‘Zit’Sherlock is a range for oily skins. Their Complete Acne System is a 3-step daily routine for pimple prone skin. It helps treat and repair acne blemishes and claims to prevent future flare-ups when used regularly. The Complete Acne System consists of:-

  • 60ml purifying cleanser + toner (foaming daily cleanser that deep cleans, purifies and de-clogs pores while toning. calming & softening skin)
  • 15ml correcting serum (acne treatment gel that reduces redness and helps fade post-pimple pigmentation, lessens the appearance of enlarged pores and refines skin texture)
  • 30ml oil control moisturizer (regulates skin oil production while hydrating, purifying pores and soothing irritation)

The purifying cleanser + toner & oil control moisturizer contain 2% salicylic acid while the serum contains 1%  salicylic acid.

The Complete Acne System retails at RM115 (RM169 value) and the products are all available in full sizes at the following prices at Sephora:-

  • 125ml purifying cleanser + toner RM78
  • 30ml correcting serum RM126
  • 50ml oil control moisturizer RM115