Aveda Invati Solutions For Thinning Hair



This morning, Aveda had a bloggers’ gathering to introduce us to the key ingredients of Invati™ Solutions For Thinning Hair. This is the brand’s best-selling range and one that most people familiar with Aveda think of when you mention the brand. Even for those whose hair isn’t thinning,  Invati™ benefits as it strengthens hair which leads to less breakage.

Turmeric or “kanchani” in Sanskrit is one of the main ingredients in the Invati™ products and is one of the reasons that the Umbari villages of India now have clean water, better nutrition and more self-empowerment for the women.

To help Aveda source the certified organic turmeric in invati ™ solutions for thinning hair, they joined forces with Nisarga, an eco-conscious Indian firm that grows Ayurvedic herbs using organic and biodynamic agriculture. Nisarga employs an environmentally friendly extraction method, using carbon dioxide to create potent and planet-protecting plant essences. Not only does the firm own farmland but they also work to educate farmers and encourage them to switch to organic agriculture – even paying the costs that can make certification a barrier for their farmer partners.

Through Aveda’s quest for the highest quality certified organic turmeric and their work with Nisarga, Aveda learned that the Umbari villages near where they source their turmeric did not have access to clean water year-round. During the sweltering summer months the women of the village had to spend up to eight hours per day travelling to distant locales to collect drinking water, often finding once they arrived at the water source that it was contaminated and unfit for consumption.

Aveda joined forces with their Earth Month partner Global Greengrants Fund, a non-profit that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve environmental problems, to supply a grant to AWARD (Action for Women and Rural Development) to improve the community’s local water system. Now the 800 Umbari villagers have easy access to clean water all the time, and the village women don’t have to trek to distant places during the summer to collect it. Instead they now spend their time with their families, helping their communities, and developing Kitchen Gardens.


Clean water is just the beginning of the benefits that Aveda’s sourcing of certified organic turmeric from Umbari has brought to its people. Through other grants made by Aveda/Global Greengrants Fund, AWARD has worked with the women of Umbari to develop Kitchen Gardens at households and schools to help address the village’s nutritional deficiencies.

Prior to a three-year AWARD project funded by Aveda, Umbari villagers did not grow vegetables on their own land due to a shortage of water, seeds and agricultural knowledge. The only available vegetables were too expensive and sold too far away to be purchased with any regularity, so the villagers weren’t able to consume enough of the nutrients they needed to be healthy. Today, thanks to this project, 60 women farmers and four schools have set up Kitchen Gardens to better nourish the community. In addition, Umbari now operates a seed bank program where families can sell and exchange seeds for other goods and services so the entire village can benefit.

Through invati™ solutions for thinning hair and Aveda Earth Month, Aveda celebrates the value of honoring the environment and empowering local communities to become self-sustaining.

Invati, Sanskrit for invigorate, is a system of 97 percent naturally-derived products that reduce hair loss by 33 percent to help you keep the hair you have longer. The Aveda team looked to the wisdom of Ayurveda when creating densiplex™, an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including certified organic turmeric, which helps power invati™.

The invati™ solutions for thinning hair line-up includes:

  • Exfoliating Shampoo (RM112 / 200ml): removes build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid.
  • Thickening Conditioner (RM112/ 200ml): with soy protein and naturally derived amino acids mimics hair’s building blocks to help weightlessly thicken hair from within.
  • Scalp Revitalizer (RM260 / 150ml): with ginseng and certified organic turmeric, helps you keep the hair you have longer.

invati™ solutions for thinning hair  is available at Aveda Experience Center retail stores, Aveda Salons.