APRILSKIN Pumpkin Relaxing Cooling Cream


dsc_3651The most interesting APRILSKIN skin care product I saw yesterday at the Guardian “Shop Your Way To Korea” contest launch was the APRILSKIN Pumpkin Relaxing Cooling Cream which comes in a tub. This relaxing cream with vitamin-rich pumpkin extract reduces swelling and soothes tensed skin. It helps achieve a vitalized complexion by providing long-lasting hydration to stressed and fatigued skin. Actually, it feels more like a gel than cream texture.

dsc_3649dsc_3650This mask really smells of pumpkin, it’s quite wonderful! It contains powerful antioxidants vitamin A, C and more than 100 beneficial nutrients that can help reverse signs of aging. See the thermometer icon on the side of the tub? When you stick it in the fridge and see it turn to blue, it indicates the optimal temperature for cooling effect. Now that’s what I call unique!