Adidas Originals Puffy Sleeve Stripe Tee Can Go From Casual To Formal Wear


dsc_0172It’s been a few months since I had my eyes on this black Adidas Originals Puffy Sleeve Stripe Tee priced at RM149. I wasn’t going to pay full price so the only option was to wait until they put it on sale which I knew would take months but I am quite patient when it comes to waiting for a bargain and sure enough….Black Friday Sale and Adidas has it on 40% + 10% discount if one buys a bundle of 2. The item must have “bundle deal” on it to be eligible for the discount and fortunately this shirt is tagged as such.


Off I went to Adidas Originals (newly opened a few days ago) Sunway Pyramid to try one on for the correct size. One look at size 42 told me it wouldn’t fit so I asked for size 44 and as expected, it fit me. A quick call to my friend who has the Adidas app and we combined our purchases to get the bundle discount. After applying the discount, the price of this shirt came to just RM72.40. Now that is what I call a terrific bargain. So much better and more satisfying than buying from the physical store.