Addicted To Lorenz Naturals Potato Chips


dsc_7649Over the past two weekends, I visited Cold Storage at KLCC and there was a  Lorenz Naturals Potato Chips promoter handing out samples of the chips in various flavours, e.g. rosemary, balsamic vinegar, sea salt & pepper, mild paprika. All of them tasted good and the chips are thin and crispy. The first pack I bought was parmesan which was not in the sampling.

The second pack I bought was rosemary and that one is quite outstanding. All the chips contain sunflower oil. I finished the packs in one sitting all by myself. I am really addicted to these. The first weekend I went to Cold Storage, the chips were above RM7, second weekend they had a promo and the chips were below RM7. However when I went to De Market in Taman Desa yesterday, these chips were RM5.99. That’s the lowest price for these chips I have seen so far. So tempted to get a few more packs at that price.