‘A Mother’s Love’ Laneige Gift Sets


For this year’s Mother’s Day, Laneige has put together exclusive gift sets especially for all mothers to suit their different skincare needs and preference. Out of the 4 sets, 3 of the sets also comes with a lovely metallic pink cosmetic pouch for the convenience of carrying your favourite Laneige cosmetics items wherever you go.

Brightening Care Set – RM 180 (worth RM 255)

WPR Original Essence Set

The Brightening Care Set is perfect for mothers who are concerned about their uneven skin tone and skin dullness; and would love to have a brighter and healthier skin. Formulated using the three-step melanin blocking system that controls melanin formation and revitalizes your cells’ natural melanin-decomposing capacity, this range offers protection for the skin and maintains luminously ultra-clear skin. Items included in this set are:

•White Plus Renew Original Essence (40ml)
•White Plus Renew Skin Refiner (15ml)
•White Plus Renew Emulsion (15ml)
•White Plus Renew Spot Treatment_EX (3ml)
•White Plus Renew Tone-up Corrector (10ml)

Perfect Vitality Set – RM 230 (worth RM 334)

Perfect Renew Night Treatment Set

Overcome symptoms of premature aging such as dryness, dullness, roughness and wrinkles with the Perfect Vitality Set. The Perfect Renew range aims to revitalize and rejuvenate dull looking skin. It promotes cell energy metabolism for a firmer skin, while providing moisture balance for a more supple and soft skin. Items included in this set are:

•Perfect Renew Night Treatment (40ml)
•Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (10ml)
•Perfect Renew Emulsion (10ml)
•Perfect Renew Cream (10ml)
•Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes (1ml + 1ml)

Deep Sleep Set – RM 189 (worth RM 316)

Sleeping Pack Duo Set


Relax and revive your tired skin with the Deep Sleep Set, which caters for your day and night use. Get a good night’s rest with Laneige’s best-selling Water Sleeping Pack and Firming Sleeping Pack and immerse yourself with the Water Bank’s 24-hours moisturisation, for a fresh, soft and hydrated skin. Items included in this set are:

•Water Sleeping Pack (80ml)
•Firming Sleeping Pack (50ml)
•Water Bank Essence (10ml)
•Water Bank Gel Cream (10ml)
•Perfect Renew Night Treatment_AD (5ml)

These special Mother’s Day gift sets are available from 25 April 2013 onwards, while stock lasts.