A Good Bargain : Adidas Originals Stan Smith Pride Shoes


adidasIt’s not often I fall in love with a pair of shoes at first sight and even less so if it’s online but when I saw the Adidas Originals Stan Smith Pride Shoes a few days ago online, I was hooked, especially since they were on discount. From the original price of RM429, it went down to RM299 and my friend who has the Adidas Malaysia app said there was a further 10% discount on top of that, making it RM269.10.

However, these are men’s shoes so I wasn’t sure of the size and had to troop over to an Adidas Originals outlet to try on a pair. I googles and worked out that since I am wearing Adidas women’s shoe size UK7.5, I was likely UK6 men’s size. Still, it was better to be sure about it than playing the guessing game and having to return the shoes in case they were too small/big.

I tried on a pair of Adidas Originals men’s size UK6 and it was a perfect fit so it was lucky this pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith Pride Shoes was still available in that size. I ordered it through my friend last Friday and they arrived today. That’s so fast! I was more than impressed by their efficiency.


adidas9I opened the box and was so happy to see that even the wrapping paper was as colourful as the shoes. Normally I don’t even look at white shoes as they get dirty faster than dark coloured shoes but I just couldn’t resist this pair of shoes with its sweet pastel floral design. The contrasting orange and pink on each shoe really appealed to me.

There are 3 sets of shoelaces with white already on the shoes and separately, they include orange and pink shoelaces. Every aspect of this pair of shoes is so beautiful to me. Just love all the features.