A Damson Transformation At Rokit Salon



It’s a good thing I don’t often see the back of my head because I only realized yesterday after the “before” photo had been taken that I have a lot more white hairs than I thought. It was my 2nd visit to Rokit Salon Sri Petaling for hair colour again. This time, I was going to be more daring and bold. Life is short and it’s time for a drastic change.




As you can see, my hair was in desperate need of colouring as the brown had pretty much washed out since the last colour session two months ago no thanks to rebonding. I had my eyes on a bright and vivid L’Oreal Professionnel Majirel damson shade. Oh yes, it is time to up the ante and stand out in a crowd. Kim Ng, owner of Rokit, suggested that I go for 2 tones of damson for contrast.

When I saw the colour being mixed, I was excited as I hoped my hair would look more lively with this shade. It’s been quite a while since I had my hair coloured in a shade I really liked. Maybe this could be the one I’d stick with.





The whole process didn’t take long. It’s great to be in a salon where they go by appointments so there’s no having to wait for them to finish with or attend to another customer. All the attention is on you and only you the moment you walk into Rokit Salon and I am seriously loving my new fabulous hair colour. What a world of difference this is from my previous hair colour. I think I shall be more adventurous with hair colour from now on. I might as well experiment while age allows and at my age, it’s already pushing the boundaries. I know what I said about selfies but I couldn’t stop taking selfies after I’d had my damson transformation!

 before and after

I’ve been getting some compliments with regard to my hair which makes me think I should have got the makeover ages ago.


  1. Oh gosh I miss reading your blog!! Been cocoon-ing myself without doing anything (even open my laptop) which made me missed out alot of things. Oh gosh!!! LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! #thumbsup