The Meeting Place Cafe @ Cold Storage Jaya Supermarket



The new Jaya Shopping Centre, better known as Jaya Supermarket has finally opened its door today. I just had to check it out as this was THE shopping centre of kids growing up in the Klang Valley in the 1970s. I spent many happy weekends there from my pre-teen to my teen years. Every visit there culminated in lunch at Jaya Noodle House. There were some good boutiques there and my mother had her clothes made at the tailor’s upstairs.

The Jaya Supermarket today is unrecognizable from that of yesteryear. Of course it looks much more contemporary now and spacious. I had lunch at The Meeting Place Café at Cold Storage Supermarket. Prices of food and beverage are very reasonable as all prices are inclusive of 6% tax. A relatively big cup of latte costs RM6 while my cup of Americano (perfect in every way) cost RM4, Where can one get that kind of quality of coffee at that kind of price in the Klang Valley nowadays?


Given that the Americano is RM4, I thought they might possibly compromise on the quality but noooooo, the coffee is aromatic and the cream was a generous portion. I couldn’t have asked for a better Americano seriously! Good to the last drop.


As for the lamb mousaka (RM9.45), it was served cold inside but it’s tasty with enough lamb and vegetables such as onions, aubergines, carrots, tomato puree. Looks presentable and isn’t too salty but they need to increase the heating time.

There’s lots of choices of macarons and desserts. I have a feeling this will be a very popular café especially on weekends.







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