L’oreal Paris Superliner Blockbuster



Some of us like fine liners while some prefer ones that can give us bold, dramatic looks so if you fall into the latter category, it’s time to check out L’oreal Paris Superliner Blockbuster which is the ideal liner for creating gothic, intense and sultry rocker-chic eye looks.

This latest liner from L’Oreal Paris looks and feels like a marker pen. It’s easy to use and even in my amateurish hands, I had a good grip on it. It’s infused with a “black ink” formula for a strikingly intense black.


It stayed on my lids without smudging or straying until it was time to remove it. I have to give this one top marks for long-lasting qualities as I find it quite hard to find eyeliners which stay on my lids for longer than an hour.

L’oreal Paris Superliner Blockbuster is 2.5g/RM39.90.

Product has been provided by L’Oreal Paris Malaysia for review.


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