Estee Lauder Staff Sale 2015



Bargains galore at the recent Estee Lauder Staff Sale 2015! The excitement was palpable early in the morning. I’d only slept 2 hours prior to the sale as I didn’t want to oversleep. I got there at 5.45am. The people I was in the lift with rushed out and ran to the ballroom. Not many people at that time and whoever arrived before 6am in the non-VIP queue would have been the 1st batch to get inside.

As for the VIP queue, I wonder if it was worth it to be there before 6am since everyone would have been let in at the same time as long as they arrived before doors opened at 7am but it’s fun hanging out with fellow shoppers. The 3 ladies in front of me were very friendly and they knew what they wanted to get even before the doors opened.


Everyone wanted something from Bobbi Brown and this year, the brand didn’t disappoint as there seemed to be a lot more palettes than previous years. The mini palettes are useful and practical as they are light. Prices were reasonable too and it wasn’t long before they all disappeared, not that I was there that long to witness that but my friend who was there till 10am informed me that everything was gone by 9am.

I didn’t get any DKNY fragrances this time round as prices have increased and I do have quite a few fragrances at the moment. Actually I was at a loss as to what to get. Plenty of choices but not much I needed as I have enough skincare and make-up to last this year.




Many customers purchased these sample packs from Estee Lauder as they are such good value. Convenient for travelling too, not to mention less risk of contamination as you use them little by little. Good idea to sell sample pack skincare.


Hopefully all of those who received tickets from Juniper’s Journal had an enjoyable experience and had the retail therapy they wanted. I wish I could have met all of you but with such a huge crowd, it was quite difficult to arrange a meet-up.


 Yup, that is my extremely modest haul – 1 MAC powder brush from their Toledo Collection priced at RM75. I was out of there shortly after 7.30pm. I’d gone round the room a few times and satisfied myself that this brush is all I wanted.


  1. hi juniper

    i got the same brush too, in addition to several others. i was pleasently surprised at how soft the toledo brush and the prabal gurung buffer brush is! definitely no regrets there!

    at lesst you’re just a brush hoarder. i hoard everything beauty so my experience over the yesrs at these types of sales is i always end up spending well into the 4 figure territory!

    horrendous, i know, but i can’t help myself!

    • yep. only bcz ihad to drop items to stick to my budget. skincare was pretty good this time tho!

      it’s always bith fun n steessful cz i just want everything!

    • i was there around 730 and vip crowd was pretty fast so i think we went in around 8ish. left close to 12. *hangs head in shame*

    • no la. i wish but i go round then i have really think about which i have to drop and it takes me a while cuz i want it all!!! 🙂

  2. OMG, I am glad I am not there or I think I will be squeeze to dead there looking at the amount of people there waiting for the sale! In a way, I am forced to control my budget or else I think risking shopping like mad. Agree that samples are good. Love your haul too! Beautiful brush!

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